Special Collection

  • Brook’s Crossing/Brown Station

    In 1880 Brook’s Crossing became known as Brown Station. Both of these names can be associated with early families settling in this area before 1800. The little hamlet sprawled from the present Ashokan Fountain to the upper basin of the Reservoir. Boarders, coming mostly from New York City, arrived at Brown Station usually being met by horse and wagon, or sleigh in the wintertime. Brown Station was the first railroad station entering the Town of Olive after leaving Olive Branch Station in Hurley. The sign atop the Ashokan dam is the only thing as a memorial to Brown Station.
    [Vera Sickler Collection]

  • Giles Store

    Giles Store in Shokan was typical of many small businesses in Olive around the turn of the century. [Vera Sickler Collection]

  • Bishop’s Falls 1913

    This is the last official photo of Bishop’s Falls taken on September 9, 1913. The falls and surrounding area were completely submerged a few days later on September 14th, and now lay one hundred feet below water in the upper basin of the Reservoir. [Jacob Langthorn Collection]

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