2017 New Year Happenings

2017 New Year Happenings

There’s a lot going on in the Town of Olive and here are a few things you might be interested in knowing.  I wish all of you a happy, healthy 2017!


Flood Mitigation efforts with Flood Advisory Committee

Boiceville and West Shokan Local Flood Analysis (LFA) is nearing completion. Woidt Engineering has done the hydraulic and hydrologic studies and is preparing the report with funds from a $95,281 grant received from the Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program (AWSMP).

Boiceville LFA—Boiceville with the Esopus Creek has an inundation problem.

25 Properties in the Boiceville flood zone paid $19,949.58 in Town Taxes in 2016 and 7 of those properties pay over $34,247 in Flood Insurance.

Three of the 13 proposed mitigation strategies in the LFA are being considered for further study — Construction of a levee, Community Planning and Relocation, and NYC funded Flood Buyout.

Meetings with the engineer will be held this month to prepare the final draft LFA.

Application has been made to the Catskill Watershed Corporation for $20,000 for a community planning grant—specifically for Boiceville. When the LFA is finalized and accepted by the Town Board the CWC will review the application.


West Shokan LFA—West Shokan with the Bushkill has an erosion problem which is being addressed with funding from CDBG-DR.


A $30,214 grant was received from the AWSMP to have Barton and Loguidice (B & L) as the engineering firm conduct a Stream Feature Identification of the Maltby Hollow. At a public informational meeting of the Flood Advisory Committee in December, B & L engineer Shawn Adams identified 65 potential areas of concern on the stream.  A plan will be developed and then further grants will be applied for to complete stream stabilization projects.



There is a meeting on January 19th with Fellenzer Engineers and the Consultant from the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery concerning the Town Facilities Rehabilitation Project. We are to review the 75% design plan for a new peaked roof on the Town Office Building–along with flood proofing of doors, new electric service for Offices and Highway garage, plus installation of propane generator and propane tanks of sufficient size to handle electricity in case of emergencies.   This hopefully, will be going to bid within next few months. This project received $225,000 in grant funds.

Milone McBroom is the engineering firm handling the Bushkill Stream and Stream Bank Rehabilitation Project for the portion of the Bushkill Stream from Maltby Hollow to the Route 28A bridge. Phase 1 is near completion receiving $67,088 for Phase 1 & and the Survey Sub-consultant.  Currently we are renegotiating the contract with Milone McBroom to include five locations upstream of the Maltby Hollow that have been identified by Ulster County Soil and Water and the AWSMP as erosion sites in need of stabilization.  Funding for Phase 2 will be available from CDBG-DR funds.


Adoption of new Flood Maps (FIRM)

The new FIRM (Flood Insurance Rate Maps) were adopted by the Town Board in September 2016. Those who have been mapped out of the Flood Zones in West Shokan will see reduced flood insurance premium rates.


Community Wastewater Treatment in Shokan

The NYS Dept. of Health/EPA and the NYS DEC have determined that the City’s study is not adequate to support its conclusion that the           majority of sites in the Hamlet of Shokan are suitable for on-site wastewater systems and will be adequately addressed by existing septic repair programs.  Additionally, they state the proximity of Shokan to the Ashokan Reservoir warrants an assurance that wastewater from this community is being adequately managed to ensure the protection of the City’s water supply in the future.  Based on their conclusion, the City will be required to pursue development and installation of an appropriate wastewater management solution for Shokan.  The NYSDOH/EPA and NYSDEC proposed the following milestones for the project:

By December 31, 2017 execute contract changes with the CWC which will commit sufficient funding to complete the community wastewater project for Shokan

By June 30, 2018 complete an engineering study to determine an appropriate wastewater management system

Within 1 year of completion of the engineering study, complete the design for the wastewater management system

Within 2 years of completion of the design, complete construction of the system.


Town Infrastructure Projects

 Davis Park Pavilion roof was replaced and a larger roof was built over the grill area with exhaust fans. Work was performed by Highway employees.

Town Highway Garage Roof Replacement and Renovation Project is underway with phase 1 completed. $140,000 was received through Senator Seward –Municipal Capital Funding Project.   $42,047.20 has been spent through 12/29/16 for removing the old roof, rebuilding the masonry walls, installing trusses and the roof.  Other than the masonry work, all has been done with Highway Department labor which totaled $29,750.44.   This is a reimbursable grant administered by the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY).  Phase 2 will commence in the spring installing overhead doors and creating a Highway employee break room.

Highway Superintendent Burns received a grant for $274,000 from AWSMP for replacement of the Hillside Drive bridge in West Shokan. Previous grant funds were received for actual design of the project.   The Highway Department has installed the temporary bridge and work for installing the new bridge is to start in spring 2017.

In addition, a grant for $13,500 has been received from AWSMP for engineering design for the replacement of the Upper Boiceville Road bridge over the Trib 8 stream.

The Town Board recently contracted with SJM Associates to oversee the bid package and contractors in removing and replacing the marcite liner for the swimming pool.

Shokan Park Pavilion floor is earmarked for replacement or repair.

Shokan Park Tennis Court needs to be resurfaced.


Emerald Ash Borer

Transfer Station Property is having timber harvested due to dead ash trees potentially harming adjoining owner’s property.

Highway Superintendent Brian Burns met with Central Hudson foreman regarding removal of dead ash trees in power lines. Central Hudson will be assisting the Highway Department with equipment and manpower in removing dead ash.

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