Olive Offices Rehabilitation Project

Olive Offices Rehabilitation Project

After Hurricane Irene the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery through a Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) initiated the New York Rising Communities project.  Then Supervisor Berndt Leifeld appointed the 3 required members to that Town Committee–Ed Kahil, Mario Occhi, and myself.  This all began in August of 2013.  We are now at the point where one of the projects is coming to fruition.

During these months of meetings several Town projects that fit the criteria of the program were identified.   Besides the Esopus Creek inundation problem in Boiceville and the Bushkill Stream erosion problem in West Shokan, the Town Office Building in West Shokan was on the list.  At that time, this building was located in a flood zone and earmarked through the program for replacement and relocation.  However, several months later new FEMA flood maps were produced which mapped the Town Offices out of the floodplain.  These new flood maps were adopted.  This remapping made the Town Offices no longer eligible for relocation, but, did allow for mitigation efforts which would make the Town Offices and Highway Garage more resilient during disasters.  An engineer was hired and paid for through the CDBG-DR program.  After engineering analysis and design, the final Town of Olive Facilities Rehabilitation Program application was approved by the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery in late 2016.   Bids for both electrical and general contracting work were received and awarded in August of 2016.   Work began on the project in October 2017.

The following are a few of the items to be addressed

–Redesign and replacement of Town Offices Building Roof

–Installation of a 100 kw generator for Town Offices and Highway Garages

–Electrical power panel consolidation of outdated sub and primary power distribution points in the  Town Offices and Highway Garage.  In Town Offices four (4) distribution panels will be replaced with one (1) and in the Highway Garage three (3) distribution panels will be replaced with one (1).

–Facade work will be done on the Town Offices front wall and entrances with covered walkway installed

–ADA (American Disability Act) compliant entrance will be installed at the rear of the Town Offices

Page 5 of the Engineering Design Plans is a sketch of the proposed exterior alterations to the Town Office Building in West Shokan and can be viewed at the following link.

Town of Olive Offices Rehabilitation Engineer Drawing





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