Town Seeking Planning Consultant for Boiceville Feasibility Study & Community Planning

Town Seeking Planning Consultant for Boiceville Feasibility Study & Community Planning

The Town of Olive is seeking a consultant to assist the Town in a land use planning project funded by the Catskill Watershed Corporation’s Sustainable Communities Planning program.

The Town completed a Local Flood Analysis (LFA) in August 2017.   A comprehensive flood mitigation approach was recommended in a targeted area of the Hamlet of Boiceville located on the Esopus Creek and State Route 28.

Approximately seventeen (17) buildings in the study area are in the Special Flood Hazard Area (100 year flood zone) which is zoned Highway Village Business.  Rising National Flood Insurance Program premiums and mortgages that require flood insurance are making it difficult for property owners to own a structure in this flood prone area.  To date, six (6) properties in the study area (4 being commercial) have been approved by the Town for participation in the voluntary NY City Funded Flood Buyout Program.  These six (6) parcels are potentially relocation properties.  The Town will be taking title to most of these lands where future use will be fairly restrictive.  The Town if interested in exploring options for flood prone businesses and residents to relocate outside the flood plain.

Most of the development in Boiceville occurred prior to the enactment of Zoning in 1975 and before adoption of the FIRM floods maps in 1984.  Having experienced three (3) major flood events within the past twenty (20) years many are struggling to keep their homes and businesses.  Recently one business was returned to the bank and one business owner opted for a federal flood buyout after Hurricane Irene.

The LFA recognizes the Boiceville Fire House and the Wastewater Treatment Plant as “critical community facilities” and the supermarket, pharmacy, and medical facility as “anchor businesses”.  With the exception of the wastewater treatment plant, the Town if interested in exploring options for these important properties.

This project will use the professional services of a planning and design team to assist the Town, a designated Advisory Committee, and Boiceville business and residential owners to identify ideas and potential areas where structures may relocate–should the property owner wish to do so.

The Request for Proposals for a Planning Consultant for the Boiceville Planning Grant can be viewed through the following link:

RFP for Planning Consultant for Hamlet of Boiceville Feasibility Study & Community Planning 1.2.18

Local Flood Analysis can be viewed through the following links:

Olive Local Flood Analysis Final Report 8.8.17    

Olive LFA Appendix A

Olive LFA Appendix B






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