March 10th Meeting Agenda

Resolution #4 of 2015 Amending Board of Police Commissioners Policy

Resolution #6 of 2015 Purchase of Highway Pickup Trucks

Resolution #7 of 2015 Purchase Gradall Model XL4100IV 6X4




February 10th Meeting Agenda

Resolution #1 of 2015 Open Checking Account for CDBGDR Funds

Resolution #2 of 2015 Adopting Emergency Management Plan & Appointing EM Committee

Resolution #3 of 2015 Accepting Conveyance of Real Property Under the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT Olive & Ulster County FEMA Buyout in Boiceville

Resolution #5 of 2015 Removal of PCB’s from the Hudson River




January 12th Meeting Agenda

2015 Parks & Recreation Fee Schedule


January 5th 2015 Organizational Meeting Agenda


December 30th 2014 Audit Meeting Agenda


December 9th Meeting Agenda

Resolution #17 of 2014 Approving Woidt Engineering & Consulting



November 10th Meeting Agenda

RESOLUTION #16 of 2014 Authorizing Subrecipient Agreement for CDBG-DR Funds

Town of Olive_PS02_8323167-v8-GOSR – Final Version-Municipal Subrecipient Agreement





2015 Preliminary Budget



October 14th Meeting Agenda

Resolution #14 of 2014 Unified Solar Permit

Resolution #15 of 2014 Supporting Change in Rates from UCRRA




Sept. 9th, 2014 Meeting Agenda

Resolution #13 of 2014 Endorsing Hudson River Valley Greenway Grant Application

Cellular Telephone Policy




August 12, 2014 Meeting Agenda

Resolution #12 Supporting Coordinated Engineering Services for LFA

Memorandum of Understanding between Olive & Cornell Cooperative to Establish Local Flood Analysis Contracting





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